What Makes Soli Different?

The answer to this question is “The Soli Protocol”. The Soli Protocol was developed by our founder, Dr. Randy Roberts, throughout his 30+ years of experience and countless hours of training and education. It allows us to get to the root cause of your pain and other concerns, whether you are interested in Structural Care or Wellness Care.

Structural Care

Our Structural Protocol is designed to assess where the misalignments and interferences (subluxations) are in your body. We then correct them using cutting edge methods, including chiropractic adjustments, muscle activation, fascial release, cold laser and others which reset your postural computer to support a balanced spine and muscle system. It is gentle and very effective, allowing us to work on anyone, from babies to 90+ years, and see great results.

Wellness Care

We believe that by identifying and removing The 7 Interferences™ to health, the power that made the body can then heal the body. Our premier Wellness Protocol utilizes many modalities in order to help the body achieve this state.

  • We assess the body’s Power 4 Life to make sure the body has enough energy for the cells to function and heal properly
  • We assess your Core Beliefs to be sure there are no subconscious road blocks to getting well
  • We prioritize the 7 Interferences to health and in what order we need to address them
  • We use computerized testing to determine how your priority interferences are affecting your health
  • We design a personalized wellness plan using state of the art therapies to remove these interferences and bring your body to a state of wellness