Soli Protocol

Soli Protocol


We believe that by identifying and removing The 7 Interferences™ to health, the power that made the body can then heal the body. Our premier Wellness Protocol utilizes many modalities in order to help the body achieve this state.

  • We assess the body’s Power 4 Life to make sure the body has enough energy for the cells to function and heal properly
  • We prioritize the 7 Interferences to health and in what order we need to address them
  • We assess your Core Beliefs to be sure there are no subconscious road blocks to getting well
  • We use computerized testing to determine how your priority interferences are affecting your health
  • We design a personalized wellness plan using state of the art therapies to remove these interferences and bring your body to a state of wellness


Wellness Plan

Our Wellness Plans are comprised of  3 phases:

  • Phase 1: 2 Month Rescue Phase
    • In this phase we treat acute issues and change the direction of your life.
    • Symptoms are usually much improved if not alleviated in 60 days.
    • At the end of Phase 1, we will do a re-exam, at which point we will know, subjectively and objectively, how much change we have made in your cells and body.
  • Phase 2: 4 Month Rehabilitation Phase
    • This is a less intense phase where your organs and tissues can continue to rebuild and stabilize so that we insure you don’t go backwards.
    • This is important to make sure these changes become your lifestyle.
    • In this phase we need to look at diet and exercise, as well as other lifestyle factors to make this becomes a long term success story for you and your optimal health.
  • Phase 3: 6 Month Regeneration Phase
    • As we continue with care, it will let your body rebuild and regenerate your organs and tissues and reverse your biological clock as you continue on to Optimal Health.


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