Computerized Testing

Computerized Testing

Zyto“Ancient medicine meets modern technology”

Computerized testing is a noninvasive way to measure the energy flow through a number of meridians in the body. This is done by simply placing your hand on the hand cradle which creates an electronic conversation between your skin and the computerized software. Each meridian corresponds to a different organ or system and tells us where the body is stressed, balanced or weakened.

Using this tool, we are able to:

  • Assess how the 7 Interferences are affecting your overall health.
  • Assess hidden stressors in your body, such as toxins & heavy metals, chemical, viruses, bacteria, candida and electrical stressors.
  • Assess food allergies/sensitives and environmental sensitivities

Once these assessments have been completed, we can use the results to bring your stressed or weak points back into complete balance using homeopathic remedies and supplements. When the body is in a state of energetic balance, it is in an optimal state to heal.


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