Hear What Our Patients Have to Say


Kris G • Allergies

Health Condition History:

For 3 years or more I began to develop uncontrollable tremors and then 2 1/2 years ago my tongue started to swell due to some type of food allergy. It went from bad to worse, having to make multiple trips to the ER since it became hard to swallow or talk without gagging. I was having 2-3 reactions per week, lost 50 lbs within 3 months and I also had bouts of itchy feet & hands and sensitivity to cold.

Previous Treatments Pursued:

My general practitioner prescribed Benadryl, which basically made me sleepy and I couldn’t go to sleep in fear I’d choke. THe ER doctors gave me shots of Benadryl, which helped. Allergist gave me skin tests and blood tests, which were somewhat inconclusive, and a strict diet of not repeating any foods in a 5 day period and staying away from wheat, corn, dairy, dyes, all processed foods, and additives of any kind. After all this, I still had tongue swellings but not as frequent – maybe 3-4 times a month.

Current Results from Soli’s Treatments:

Dr. Randy said I had signs of Leaky Gut Syndrome and my adrenal gland was overworked so my body was reacting in a fight or flight mode. I was given some tests in his office (Zyto, etc…) to determine what foods to avoid (for awhile) and what supplements my body needed to heal. After starting on the treatment, I only had 2 tongue swellings the next 3 months and then no tongue swellings for the next 7 months. At the end of these 7 months, my husband and I went out to a restaurant for our 40th wedding anniversary and I took a chance and ate whatever I wanted and only had a mild tongue swelling. Since then over a year has passed and I have had no reactions of any kind even after introducing many foods back into my diet.

Katie S • Back Pain & Emotional Balance

I have been frequenting Dr Randy and Soli Wellness for 20 years now. I first saw him in Bountiful, then in Farmington and now I’m his beautiful office on Layton.  Literally, Dr. Randy has saved my life more than once.  He has come in on a weekend an emergency  when I injured my back to when I could hardly breath.  I have the utmost respect and admiration for Dr. Randy’s skill and knowledge.  He and his entire staff treats everyone with kindness and professionalism.  I recommend him with the utmost enthusiasm.


Sharon H • Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain

Incredible results! I’ve had more relief than ever before in 8 years of pain. Dr. Randy is amazing and gifted. His staff is also talented. The protocol is 1000’s of times ahead of any chiropractic office I’ve visited.


Joel P • Back Pain

In September of 2004, I got in a big car accident. After the accident, my back started to hurt real bad. It slowly started to ache all over my body and worst of all, it was messing with my track career.

After coming to Soli, my back started feeling better and I was sick less often. I dropped my track time from a 25 second 200 m dash to 22.23 seconds. Prior to the accident my personal best was 22.50.

Margie S • Back Pain and Allergies

I have had back problems for some time and have had serious allergy problems. I’ve had three sinus surgeries and multiple sinus infections, all were very serious, as well as year round allergies. I have tried allergy medications, but after no success the doctors finally told me they didn’t know how else to help. For my back pain, I have tried acupuncture as well as physical therapy, but I was going through heavy duty IB Profen for long periods.

After coming to Soli, my bac is doing great and my allergies are almost non-existent for most of the year! I come in for allergy tune-ups every few months, especially before allergy season hits. Almost no sinus infections since my very first treatment. I did this with no over the counter or prescription allergy medications!

Justin F • Anxiety and Depression

I have had problems with anxiety and depression for years now, using various medications and counseling, but without much improvement. Since becoming a patient of Dr. Randy’s, I feel that I’ve gained wonderful insight on how to cope with and recognize anxiety causing situations that in the past would come by surprise. It’s easier not to differentiate between what is real and what is not. I have a greater sense of hope and confidence that I deserve t be happy, and I can. I believe that even in times of struggle and trial there can be an underlying peace and assurance that everything will be okay. I believe now that life is meant to be enjoyed and I have better tools and knowledge of how to achieve and maintain that.

Kendra K • Adrenal Fatigue

I would just like to take a minute and express my dear love for Soli Wellness. I first went in for some chiropractic work. During those adjustments, Dr. Randy noticed I was super tired all the time. I was lacking the energy of a person my age should have. So I met with them to do a ZYTO scan and it was an amazing experience. The Soli technology offered help like I have never seen before. After the testing, I was given some supplements to help my body balance out and since then my life has changed. I can now stay up with my husband at night and enjoy that important time together, where before I had to go to bed early every evening.

The Soli staff are always so happy and friendly. They truly are interested in what is going on in my life. They care about me! The Soli staff have a yearning to help and it certainly shows. I know when I walk in I will be called by name and greeted with a high five! I love it!! That is my favorite part and some times I want to stop in to say hello because I feel they view me as a friend and not just a patient.

Anne V • Asthma

My daughter has asthma. She has colds, bronchitis and pneumonia all the time. We treated her with inhalers and steroids. She kept getting sick and she had to use them every day. We brought her in to Soli for 3-4 months of treatment. In her treatment she was adjusted, took drops and pills and had laser therapy. She is doing so awesome!! It’s been a full year since her last appointment and she has only had one minor cold. Before her treatment she honestly had bronchitis 4-5 times a year. This included 2 emergency room visit and 1 admittance. I am so grateful for her treatment at Soli. She is totally free of all inhalers, and even better, no more steroids!

Bev B • Headaches and Low Energy

My husband died of cancer 2 years ago and with all the stress I managed to gain about 50 pounds. The stress settled in my joints and bones so I became very sedentary and unhappy. I was also having intense headaches. I had been to several doctors who had me do an MRI, a sleep apnea study and put me on headaches medicines, but nothing worked.

After only 2 weeks at Soli, Dr. Randy fixed the problem. My cranial bones needed adjusting – that was all it was. I spent so much money trying to fix something that was so simple. With the supplements I take, my energy level has increased dramatically and in less than 2 months I have lost 15 pounds!! I am finding inner peace and joy that was lost for a long time. I feel as thought I have my life back. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Darrell A • Leg Pain

I was hardly able to walk without pain down my legs. I had bacteria endocarditis surgery and was “fouled up” on the operating table. I had been to other chiropractors for the same issue with no success. Since coming to Soli I am now able to walk completely without any pain!

Rodney J • Back Pain and Illness

In 1989, I was assisting a man in my work company to get into a can bound to the airport. As I was doing this, I twisted and lifted his entire weight. I ruptured a disc and herniated another in my back. By the time I got home I could not walk, stand or sit. Laying down was very uncomfortable, but I was afraid of surgery. To this day, I am very thankful for my fear of this procedure. Over the years, I saw 2 different orthopedic surgeons and considered surgery. I went through 4 physical therapy prescriptions that brought temporary relief, but the pain always returned. After moving back home to Utah, I went through more physical therapy sessions and considered surgery again. Then I discovered chiropractic. The chiro I went to helped a lot, but there was still a lot of pain. I used to run, hike and do a lot of physical activity, but I figured those hobbies were gone due to injury.

My wife discovered Dr. Randy about 18 months ago and told me of her remarkable results. I was getting a little apprehensive of chiropractors, but I thought, why not? Well, I went to Dr. Randy and went through his process of getting balance and aligned. he noticed that my pelvis is not normal; I am supposed to be 17mm off level. Since he adjusted me and got my pelvis where it belongs, my health has improved dramatically! I now run, I mountain bike, lift weight and in all, my old lifestyle taken from me 19 years ago has returned! The health benefits from taking his prescribed probiotics and other homeopathic medicine has made it so I am not sick as often as before. Before Dr. Randy I was getting sick with bronchitis 4-5 per year. This year, I have only gotten a virus once. With his help, there was no need to consult with an D.O. or MD’s in hopes of antibiotics to kill the infection. Dr. Randy is a very gifted health care practitioner.

Kristin S • Multiple Sclerosis

I am a 35 year old mother of 3 boys. I have had multiple sclerosis (MS) for 15 years. I am currently confined to a wheelchair and rely on assistance from my husband of 10 years. I participated in many medical trials of new medications through my neurologist. I was also hospitalized on several occasions.

Following a recommendation of my nutritionist, I became a patient of Dr. Randy. Following my first treatment, I recognized an immediate improvement. Integrated healthcare changes the way I approach my daily routine. Much of the pain was alleviated and I’ve responded well as I’ve followed the suggestions given me by the helpful staff here at Soli Wellness Center. I appreciate the personal interest each person here expresses whenever I pursue treatment.

Charles M • Chronic Back Pain

My life has changed. After following through with Dr. Randy’s recommendation for daily walking an exercising, I can do about anything I want to now. I am active in golf, fishing, camping and hiking. Taking the time to do my exercises is nothing in return for the freedom to be active. I am also 75 years old.

Spencer O • Prostate Infections

I had chronic prostate infections in the past and have tried antibiotics and even surgeries, but it wasn’t until coming to Soli that I saw real results. After doing the plan from Dr. Randy, everything seems to be gone!

Mary Ann P • Foot Pain

My toes have been numb for 30 years. I cannot stand to touch them because of the pain. I’ve been taking prescription medication for this for over 5 years now. I could not believe it, but after 1 detox footbath I can touch and feel my toes without pain!

Becky A • Asthma

My son, Thomas, developed an infection when he was born and continued to have respiratory complications throughout his first year (RSV, asthma). We took him to the hospital two separate times and he was doing daily nebulizer treatments, which he hated. He was a “sickly” child and I was constantly worried about him getting sick. I brought him to see Dr. Randy to get him off his breathing treatments. He found problems with his mitochondria and excess yeast and gave him some drops. Since then, Thomas hasn’t been sick once! My husband can’t believe the difference in his personality. I am so very glad I brought him in and will continue to do so.