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We believe that wellness is the natural state of the body. When health is compromised due to environmental and lifestyle factors, we utilize our protocols to assess your interferences and assist the body in removing them to empower your body’s innate ability to heal. When the body is free to heal itself and energy is flowing harmoniously, miracles happen.

Wellness Care

We identify your personal interferences to health and determine the best way to remove them to let the innate intelligence that made your body, heal your body.

Structural Care

We assess where the misalignments and interferences (misalignments) are in your body and correct them using cutting edge methods.

LifeStyle Coaching

After we have lifted your state of health out of crisis mode, we utilize our lifestyle program to teach you how to maintain your new-found health for life.


No matter where you are on your wellness journey, whether you are just starting out or are well on your way, we have the tools to propel you forward. We understand that all bodies are different and therefore do not benefit from the a “one plan fixes all” program. This understanding is why we have created the Soli Protocol to assess where your health is encountering interference and remove the interference in order to reach your health goals. We are excited to be a part of your journey and look forward to meeting you soon!

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